Why email your MP?

Young drivers are involved in a huge proportion of road casualties, due to a combination of inexperience and a tendency of many to take risks. Often the victims are young people themselves: road crashes are the biggest killer of 17-25 year-olds.

But by changing the way people learn to drive, we can help young drivers to be safer and help prevent the needless loss of young lives on roads.

Graduated driver licensing allows new drivers to build experience gradually, by learning over a longer time, and then having a restricted licence that means they won’t be exposed to some of the riskiest driving situations. It involves a minimum 12 month learning period, and restrictions in the first year after passing, such as a late night driving curfew, ban on carrying young passengers and zero tolerance drink drive limit. It has had an amazing impact in countries where it’s been introduced and evidence shows it would save hundreds of lives and thousands of injuries annually if introduced in the UK.

Help save young lives by writing to your MP and asking them to push for this vital step.

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